Corel Painter 2021 Contest entry

My entry to the Corel Painter 2021 art contest. They had three categories; Illustration, Fine Arts and Photo Art. I guess this most closely resembles the fine art category so that’s what I ended up choosing.

The painting itself was done almost entirely with just the oily bristle brush except in some sections where I used the flat color brush but very rarely in some sections to try out working with some really dark sections. As it turn out, once we reach a certain amount of darkness, the brush doesn’t blend any more and whatever tint is used works in rather weird ways. It was quite an interesting thing to find out. But I gotta say, now I know why old classical artist used a black or really dark background. The colors used on the subject pop out much more and it makes it much easier to manipulate the values.

The subject is my dog. A couple of years ago now he had a bit of an accident and had to have one of those dog cones. Somehow he looked like he was wearing a ruff collar and looked very dignified. So ever since then, I decided that whenever I felt I was good enough I would paint him like he was royalty. Looking online it seems that this isn’t a novel idea although they are focused more on making parody paintings of actual paintings. For mine, I wanted my dog to actually be a dog wearing royal clothes that drape over him.

Hasta la proxima,