Punishing Gray Raven Nanami Contest Entry

My contest entry for the Punishing Gray Raven illustration contest. This painting is for the fan art category. While looking at the designs, I was really drawn to Nanami. It seems that at some point they changed her design from the promotional trailer of her and what is now Nanami Storm. I really like the cat ears motif so I decided to go for that version of her costume.
When I finished painting and was getting ready to upload my entry I noticed that there was reference files of Nanami and the other characters from different angles to help in understanding their design. All in good quality… Because I didn’t notice this, I went around the internet and took low quality screenshots from Youtube videos. There is another category where I can design a different variant for one of the characters, haven’t yet decided if I will do it though I am tempted.

Hasta la proxima,