Athena Asamiya Idol

This drawing was originally drawn on the second day of Inktober 2020 which can be found here:

When it came to painting Athena I was imagining some colors I had seen in what I think was a promotional video of Sonoko Kawai. But when I was trying to find that video I failed. More than likely it got deleted or it might have been someone else but I’m pretty sure it was Sonoko. This is one of the reasons I have started to just back up any videos that I like and that interest me.
With that option out of the question I remembered I had some JR Christmas commercials that had similar colors to what I wanted. I ended up using the commercial featuring Eri Fukatsu. Getting the skin tone correctly took a couple of tries since I hadn’t used it before. I should definitely play around with such lighting more.

Hasta la proxima,