Inktober 2020 13 Saki Shimizu

Today was a rough one but I managed to make some time to draw. Today I decided to draw one of the planned drawings I talked about a couple of days ago. I had to composite many reference pictures that I had screen captured before October I believe. I was unsure if I should draw her at a closer view or not (if I had I would have had more time to add more details and ink/hatch the drawing). But I really wanted to draw Saki’s outfit from Otona na no yo! She looks like a really cute doll. Personally I believe she had the best outfit by far for that music video. While I was looking at the screenshots of the mv (it took me a while but I captured all scenes where Saki appeared, most of the video), I got to compare everyone’s movements during the dance scenes. She can really move. Her dance moves are powerful and cute, I don’t really know how to describe them but the flow and execution are definitely top notch. No wonder she is the captain.

Hasta la proxima,