Inktober 2020 09 Throw Saki and Saten Kendama

Today I accidently matched with the prompt for today, I didn’t even notice it till I was about to upload it.
Anyway, these past few weeks Saki has been posting videos of her practicing with her Kendama. Meanwhile in To Aru Kagaku no Railgun they finally covered the Indian Poker arc (this season was amazing, kind of a shame that they sort of messed up Index though). I wanted to have them do perhaps some more dynamic moves but I think one where they match each other and are both just chilling and enjoying their Kendama. Time is a bit limited till I finish those three essays so I will have to leave this piece in it’s line art state for now. I’ve been wanting to actually do some more drawings of both Saki and Saten so this was a good excuse to finally do it. More drawings of Misaka’s wingman and Captain will come in the future of course.

Hasta la proxima,