Godzilla and Miki Saegusa

Wasn’t too sure what direction I was going to take on this painting. At first I was thinking of doing an anime style piece but as I was working on it, it started to morph more towards a realistic style but still with a painterly style. As I kept working on it I just came to love with what I was able to do so I kept going at it. The idea of doing a Godzilla painting with Miki Saegusa the psychic from the Heisei era of the films (my favorite era). I wanted to do a painting where I superimpose Miki over the whole painting like in some anime transition or ending scenes. If you have seen anime especially those done in the 80s and 90s you probably know what I’m talking about.
You can see an example here.

I quite like the way it came out. Some sections can be refined a bit more but that loose application of strokes I think helps point the attention more to Miki then to Godzilla.I do wonder if I should have added some psychic waves emanating from Miki, though I really don’t know how I would go about it and make it look good.

Hasta la proxima,