Sayu Spring 1st Corel Painter 2020

I recently bought the Corel Painter 2020 upgrade. After running the brush accelerator but was bummed out that my computers’ cpu was lacking. Despite not being able to use the full potential of the program I did see an improvement. My score happened to be 5111 (if I’m remembering it correctly). Looking at parts to upgrade my pc will come to be quite expensive if I want it to last me a couple of years so that’s probably something I will aim to do next year. Anyway despite that it was definitely smoother. So far I have only tested the oily bristle brush, I know I had problems with watercolors with Corel 2018 so I will try that out next time.

For the first painting I have done with this version of Painter I decided to do another painting of Sayu. Wasn’t too sure what style I would be painting her in but I ended up with this one, somewhat realistic, somewhat animeish. I wanted it to be simplistic and yet have a good amount of color. I also wanted to start off some spring paintings. It’s funny the year I decide to finally star making seasonal painting we all get stuck inside. I used a photo from her instagram as a reference, but I decided to have her pointing Tokyo sky tree.

Sayu Spring 1st Painter 2020

Hasta la proxima,