Guts One Eyed Berserker Armor

This is another piece piece from Inktober that I wanted to do more work on (it can be seen here). I originally was thinking of inking it all traditionally but when I finished the lineart and was erasing my pencil marks, I was a bit careless which led me to fold it and rip the paper. Having done that I thought it was a great chance to work with Krita again.

I had already inked the berserker armor before, but having done the full armor (minus the left leg) took quite a long time. I can’t even imagine how much it takes to do this for a whole chapter. Specially when drawing multiple characters or detailed backgrounds. After inking and hatching Guts and his armor I decided to use the texture brushes for the background which made the work go much faster. It looked good by the end but I decided to darken the whole piece which I think made it look better.

One thing I wasn’t planning on doing was the helmet. But when looking through the manga I came upon the section when Guts was being consumed by the armor and you could see the head of his inner beast taking form from the cape. I am surprised I don’t remember this scene since it is quite remarkable and stunningly drawn. I’m really glad I found out about it because I feel the overall piece I drew looks much better.

Hasta la proxima,