Sakuya Izayoi Pouring tea for the master

This was originally painted on August 9, 2019.

But I did edit quite a few details today.

I actually drew the underdrawing of Sakuya on May 10, 2012 with color pencils (video can be found here). The style is based on Banpai Akira’s style used for the Koumajou Densetsu: Scarlet Symphony game. I like the way I drew it at the time but wanted to repaint it when I had better skills. I also wanted to add a background.

It was about 7 years in the making but I finally gave it a shot. I used a reference picture of a mansion as the underpainting base. The photo only showed a section of the room so I had to learn and make up the rest of the room based on the information I could see. It took a lot of time to finish the background but I did learn a lot. By the time I had painted Sakuya and the background I was mentally drained and wanted to take a break and move on to another piece. I noticed I made her arms and hands quite long and the hair too big/long? But I decided to come back to it at a later date. I’ve been swamped with the end of the semester schoolwork and I’m pretty much almost done now, so I wanted to upload some more artwork.

This is the background used (awesome, seems I can post internet photos from pinterest here now):

I was about to just upload it as it was but decided to edit the defects today. I shortened her hair and changed the dimensions of her hand and arm. I also worked with the lighting on her body to try and have her fit more to the background.

Here is the final painting:

Hasta la proxima,



This was originally drawn in September 28, 2018. I also painted it beforehand on October 1st, 2018 (seen here, quite embarrassing looking at it now).

I didn’t quite like the way I painted it the last time. So on April 29, 2019 after practicing with color and painting I decided to give it another try. At that point I stumbled upon the works of Takato Yamamoto. I fell in love with his work and use of simple colors to create amazing pieces. That’s when I decided to try and paint Booette in a simple color scheme with a minimal amount of colors. Although the styles are no where near the same and I was still learning about how colors interact with each other, I really liked the way it turned out. I wanted to add more color to it, but I stopped my self as best I could. Now that I feel more confident with color I wonder how it would turn out?

Hasta la proxima,


Guts One Eyed Berserker Armor

This is another piece piece from Inktober that I wanted to do more work on (it can be seen here). I originally was thinking of inking it all traditionally but when I finished the lineart and was erasing my pencil marks, I was a bit careless which led me to fold it and rip the paper. Having done that I thought it was a great chance to work with Krita again.

I had already inked the berserker armor before, but having done the full armor (minus the left leg) took quite a long time. I can’t even imagine how much it takes to do this for a whole chapter. Specially when drawing multiple characters or detailed backgrounds. After inking and hatching Guts and his armor I decided to use the texture brushes for the background which made the work go much faster. It looked good by the end but I decided to darken the whole piece which I think made it look better.

One thing I wasn’t planning on doing was the helmet. But when looking through the manga I came upon the section when Guts was being consumed by the armor and you could see the head of his inner beast taking form from the cape. I am surprised I don’t remember this scene since it is quite remarkable and stunningly drawn. I’m really glad I found out about it because I feel the overall piece I drew looks much better.

Hasta la proxima,


The Mummy Sayu and Momochi Attack!!!

For the last day of Inktober which of course lands on Halloween, I decided to draw Sayu and Momochi saving me from Imhotep (the mummy). It can be found here. This is the first painting I have done after at least a month. I felt quite comfortable painting despite the gap surprisingly.

Within the movie there is two scenes where Imhotep is scared of cats due to him being cursed and punished in the underworld. I thought it would be funny if he got afraid after seeing Sayu and Momochi acting like cute cats.

I really enjoyed adding the effects on top of the painting, it makes everything pop.

It was painted using Corel painter

Yurushite Nyan!!! m( =∩王∩= )m

Hasta la proxima,


Sayumi Michishige Pokemon Trainer II

This was a second try at using Hiros’ ( siiteiebahiro ) style. I wanted to try painting it with Copics and then give it another try digitally with Corel Painter. I used a picture from Sayu’s Instagram as a reference then modified it to have her holding a Pokeball (it’s the third photo in this post).

Awesome, seems like I can post Instagram posts here directly!

Here is are my attempts:

This is the version done using Copic markers.

I used the fully inked drawing from above and faded it so that I could digitally paint over it. I debated over what to put in the background but decided to keep it simple and practice merging the focal point and the background together at some point in the future.

Hasta la proxima,


Bowsette Looking Down

Originally drawn on May 9, 2019 and painted on August 16, 2019.

Back when Bowsette was introduced to the world I gave it a shot too (it can be seen here). I wasn’t happy with how it turned out so I wanted to give it another shot. I first drew it with my dip pen and started painting it with Photoshop. Well, at least I painted the fire balls and left it at that for a while. Eventually I started painting using Corel Painter. I was thinking of adding a door or something in between the pillars but liked it without.

Hasta la proxima,


Momoko Tsugunaga Goth Lolita Anime X Toon

This will be the second piece I will be uploading from the paintings I have done over the last couple of months but still haven’t uploaded yet. I really wanted to practice simple color schemes so this one was one of those attempts.

It’s a shame we don’t hear about Momochi ever since she became a teacher but I’m glad she is following her goals and doing well. I wish her all the best. I’m just really glad there is a lot of media out there of her, it would really suck if there wasn’t.

This painting was done using a reference from some scans I found online of Momo Play. I wanted to try out the Anime X Cartoon style again so I went with that. It was drawn first with my pen then I painted it with Photoshop.

Originally drawn on 8/7/19 and painted on 8/8/19.

Hasta la proxima,


Another year of Life 2019 and Sayu as a Pokemon Trainer

Time is flying by quite fast. Looking back I have been quite busy this year. I’ve also invested in more art supplies. They were definitely worth it, I just hope I have more of a chance to practice using them on this new year. Luckily I have taken cared of the hardest and most time consuming parts left for this year. So fingers crossed that I’ll have more time to create and experiment on new art pieces.

I somehow managed to make it through Inktober despite it all. I think I have gotten a bit quicker when drawing. I’ve also noticed that I can make poses from my mind and it also happens to be much faster. I do have to work more on color though. so I will be using some of the ink drawings and coloring them.

Here is a piece I drew just for today.

And I will begin uploading the latest pieces I have been working on over the past year.

I’ll start with a drawing I did of Sayumi as a pokemon trainer. I first drew it then after I scanned it I printed different copies so that I could try out different styles. This one was done with Copics using Hiro’s ( siiteiebahiro ) style.

Originally drawn on 6/6/19 and painted on 6/11/19.

Feliz Dia de los Muertos.

Hasta la proxima,