Moon Warrior – Punish You!

This was done in August 11.

Sailor Moon Vaporwave POSTER V2 resize

These past years I have been listening to a lot of Vaporwave and that led me to City Pop. One of the cool things to come out of it aside from the awesome music is of course the AESTHETIC art. After looking at it for so long I wanted to give it a try myself. It’s kinda hard to know what to put and what not to. Then there is the whole idea of the colors. The main color schemes seem to be turquoise and either magenta or hot pink.

I started with the bust of Sailor Moon since busts are one of the most iconic images of Vaporwave. It was much easier to do than I though. But I guess thats to be expected since I am working with one color.

These were used either as references or as overlays (that will soon become apparent).

I had to erase the whole background just so that I could get the pause symbol.

This is the VCR font, and I just erased and isolated the letters, numbers and symbols I needed.

Didn’t really have an idea for what to use this Windows XP window for, but I figured I could do something fun with it.

So I went ahead in using the checkered pattern and the stars to make a background that looks like the midpoint section in the Sailor Moon episodes.

Here I just filled the background with the base color before I incorporated the checkered design.

I added a bit of a back shade? so that it would pop out a bit more from the background.

The moon was actually on the left side, but it just didn’t make sense when I eventually added Silver Millenium.

This is the cityscape I used:

Added Luna but always questioned if having her at that size was a good idea or not.

This was the picture I used for the Silver Millenium.

The plane:

The sail:

Using the reference above I painted Usagi’s wand.

From here I wanted to sort of make the crystal of the wand shimmer.

From here I used the Windows XP window and this screenshot of the Sailor V game played in the series:

The kanji should read “moon warrior”.

Do you guys know the importance of this date and time?

It looked a bit too dark and had not enough blue so I decided to add it on the top.

Sailor Moon Dream Warrior XXXXII

There are a couple of hidden surprises within it, I wonder if anyone will notice them?

That should be all for now.

Hasta la proxima,