Eva Unit 01 Berserk Sunset (Digital)

This was originally done in August 24, 2018.

I had an idea of what I wanted for a while, but I also wanted to try a fast and simple coloring scheme like what I see on Pixiv. This is what I ended up with.


I’ve been practicing drawing from imagination, at least the form and main idea. For details I still need references since a lot of what I draw has very specific … well … details.

This is the rough draft and the progression.

In my memory I for some reason had in mind Eva 01 look like



I had in mind that episode where Eva unit 01 was eating an Angel after going berserk

this one (Screen capture I took from the anime):


so I went with this color scheme, and yet in my mind I had the sunset scene in my head. So I tried to see how it would look with darker blue hues first.




After some thought I decided to go with the sunset scene instead.

Using these references for the color scheme (Screen captures I took from the anime):























That should be all for now.

Hasta la proxima,


Man, it really blew up. Bowsette. Let’s give it a shot.

So my brother was telling me about Bowsette on Sunday, and by today it had blown up all over the internet. After my brother gave me the suggestion to draw her as well, I figured it would be a good idea to follow trends. Not only will people be actively looking for said subjects, but it should also be good practice to try and draw out pieces in a timely manner.

I wanted to try doing a flat Anime style. I noticed that a youtuber I see named LavenderTowne  seems to shade by using only one color and choosing the multiply layer option, and that keeps the color balanced and clean.

I noticed that there were three main different color schemes. One that looks like Peach, one with red hair, and another one where Bowsette has tanned skin. You can find the original artwork here. Done by Haniwa.

This is my try and the different re-colors:


Personally between the light skin color variants I prefer the blonde hair.


If Bowsette does have red hair I believe the tanned skin looks better.


I used this picture of Bowser as a reference picture:


Looking back, maybe I should have tilted her head up a bit. Maybe some other day.

For those who are interested here is the process:












With the coloring done, I just need to use the magic wand to capture the hair and later the skin so that I can change it quick and easy.



After that I just shaded the picture with this somewhat dark yellow, put the shadow layer into multiply. After doing it once, that shading was translated into all three variants (layers). This system is much easier and faster. Now I see why LavenderTowne does it.

Apparently there is also a Boo variant named Boosette that looks really cool and I want to really try it. It will be fun playing around with making the poses plus it will fit with the Halloween season.

That will be all for now.

Hasta la proxima,



Goodbye Summer 2018

Just a really quick piece for the end of summer 2018. Wanted to play around with flat colors, so I did just that.

End of Summer 2018 colored resize

This is the process. Done traditionally then painted digitally.




IMG_20180921_212236 resize

I then scanned it so that I could paint it digitally.

End of Summer 2018 cropped resize

End of Summer I

End of Summer II

Hasta la proxima,


Trying out an ANIME X CARTOON style: Sayumi Michishige

While looking through Pixiv and some Mexican memes on “Fresh Anime Memes from a Mexican Otaco” I came across two artist that made art that was rather cartoony and “round” and yet also very anime like. I really like it so I wanted to give it a try.

This was done in 8/10/18:

I believe I did this with my dip pen and a pen named Bimoji Fedepen, the hard tip one (there are various types that also go to a brush type that is pretty cool).

Sayumi Michishige anime-cartoon style linework Cropped resize

This is the reference picture I used. This was from Sayu’s photo book “Mille-feuille”.


I then colored the line art with my Copic markers (process will be shown a bit below). I noticed that I was much too preoccupied with the way the other artist were drawing their eyes from the references (will post them below) I was looking at so she looks a bit angry.

Sayumi Michishige anime-cartoon Colored (color corrected) cropped resize

Noticing that I used, I believe Photoshop to widen her eyes.

Sayumi Michishige anime-cartoon Colored wider eyes (color corrected) cropped resize

I widened them even more, and noticed that there is quite a bit of flexibility with this style so I really want to try out more things to see what I can come up with.

Sayumi Michishige anime-cartoon Colored wider eyes even more (color corrected) cropped resize

These were some of the references I used to try and understand the style.

Artist – Sh1tty:





And here is the process:

IMG_20180809_200352 resize

IMG_20180809_214950 resize

IMG_20180809_215428 resize

IMG_20180809_215841 resize

IMG_20180809_221207 resize

IMG_20180809_221425 resize

IMG_20180809_221654 resize

IMG_20180809_222403 resize

IMG_20180809_223011 resize

When I finished painting this piece and scanning it I had to go ahead and correct the colors that get washed out in the scanning process.

IMG_20180810_141319 resize

After that I began trying out different eye shapes.

That should be all for now.

Hasta la proxima,


Chavo del 8 – Barril is Unbreakable

This was inspired by some Mexican memes and of course Chavo del 8 (a legendary 70s Mexican show, that is still aired today and has been shown through all of Latin America). And well, by this point JoJo no longer seems to need an introduction since it kinda owns the meme world.

The name Barril is Unbreakable is not my idea, I first heard it from another meme I saw in Fresh Anime Memes from a Mexican Otaco’s facebook page.

This is the finished piece (finished on August 2nd):

Chavo del Ocho Barril is Unbreakable I resize

I made it using my new dip pen (or at least it was at the time) using the g nib. It was much easier to use than I thought (the manga Bakuman made it sound much harder). What I like about these pens are that I can change the thickness and the lightness of my pen strokes on my command. The downsides are that the ink can dry up pretty fast and gunk up the nib, which means I have to clean it in intervals as I work. That and since the nib is quite sharp it can scratch off the paper fibers and get stuck on the nib’s wedge. So yeah, it does require quite a bit of upkeep as one uses it. But over all I really love the versatility. All of the illustration was done with the same nib which I find quite amazing. My lines are still not clean, but I can pick that up with experience.

I should have made Chapulin Colorado’s (the character/stand on the far right) pose a lot more dynamic to make it pop out more…

I don’t really remember if I was keeping track of the process, but what I do have is this:

If you notice I made a bit of a mistake and dripped some ink on the top of the paper.


Chavo del Ocho BIU 2nd half I resize

I was actually planning on making it into some manga panels but in the end decided to just join them together. I first had to scan them and then join them together using Photoshop. The reason they are cut off is because I used a large paper that doesn’t fit on my scanner.

That it for now.

Hasta la proxima,


Moon Warrior – Punish You!

This was done in August 11.

Sailor Moon Vaporwave POSTER V2 resize

These past years I have been listening to a lot of Vaporwave and that led me to City Pop. One of the cool things to come out of it aside from the awesome music is of course the AESTHETIC art. After looking at it for so long I wanted to give it a try myself. It’s kinda hard to know what to put and what not to. Then there is the whole idea of the colors. The main color schemes seem to be turquoise and either magenta or hot pink.

I started with the bust of Sailor Moon since busts are one of the most iconic images of Vaporwave. It was much easier to do than I though. But I guess thats to be expected since I am working with one color.


These were used either as references or as overlays (that will soon become apparent).




I had to erase the whole background just so that I could get the pause symbol.





This is the VCR font, and I just erased and isolated the letters, numbers and symbols I needed.



Didn’t really have an idea for what to use this Windows XP window for, but I figured I could do something fun with it.


So I went ahead in using the checkered pattern and the stars to make a background that looks like the midpoint section in the Sailor Moon episodes.


Here I just filled the background with the base color before I incorporated the checkered design.



I added a bit of a back shade? so that it would pop out a bit more from the background.


The moon was actually on the left side, but it just didn’t make sense when I eventually added Silver Millenium.




This is the cityscape I used:



Added Luna but always questioned if having her at that size was a good idea or not.


This was the picture I used for the Silver Millenium.




The plane:



The sail:




Using the reference above I painted Usagi’s wand.




From here I wanted to sort of make the crystal of the wand shimmer.








From here I used the Windows XP window and this screenshot of the Sailor V game played in the series:











The kanji should read “moon warrior”.




Do you guys know the importance of this date and time?






It looked a bit too dark and had not enough blue so I decided to add it on the top.


Sailor Moon Dream Warrior XXXXII

There are a couple of hidden surprises within it, I wonder if anyone will notice them?

That should be all for now.

Hasta la proxima,


Shin Shell of Fury POSTER parody of “New Fist of Fury”

I have already done one parody poster before, so I wanted to do another one. This time I wanted to give it a try doing it digitally.

This is the poster in question. This was back in the day when Jackie Chan was marketed as the new Bruce Lee, this movie is a continuation of the original Fist of Fury. The poster is quite amazing, but it was a bit scary as a project since it had so many parts to it. Lacking the experience at the time it took quite a bit of time, but I learned a lot.

Jackie chan new fist of fury

This is the poster finished on July 23.

Shin Shell of Fury POSTER resize

And here is the process. I tried to get as much as the background as I could. For this pieces I used the actual colors from the poster by using the eyedropper tool in Photoshop.

Shin Shell of Fury I resize

One thing to note is that I actually made a round figure for the faces but erased around the hair for a reason I don’t quite remember.

Shin Shell of Fury II resize

Shin Shell of Fury III resize


Shin Shell of Fury IV resize


Shin Shell of Fury V resize


Shin Shell of Fury VI resize

Shin Shell of Fury VII resize




Shin Shell of Fury VIII resize


Shin Shell of Fury IX resize

Shin Shell of Fury X resize


Shin Shell of Fury XI resize



Shin Shell of Fury XII resize


Shin Shell of Fury XIII resize

After this I added the text to make it like the original poster.

In any case that should be all, what do you guys think?

Hasta la proxima,


First attempt at using Stabilo Pens – subject: Michishige Sayumi

I recently bought some new pens when I went to a somewhat local art store. When I was browsing around I came upon some pens that I haven’t seen before named Stabilo pens. After looking at them I noticed that they were almost exactly what I was looking for. In the past Copics used to have multiliners that came in different colors which I would have loved to use as outlines for my artwork, but they got discontinued a good bit ago. Ever since I was trying to find a replacement I could try and use instead but I wasn’t too happy with the limited selection Prismacolor had so I haven’t really used them since I bought them a couple of years ago. But these Stabilo pens seem to have a rather robust color selection  and they also offered different nib sizes (though for now I’m really only interested in the multiliner type). And when I saw their price being really cheap I thought what the heck, so I bought 10 (all of them either skin tones or grays). So since this was going to be my first try using them I decided to give the honor to Michishige Sayumi as the subject. Here’s what it looks like finished (done with my new Stabilo pens and Copics). Process below for those who are interested.

Sayumi Michishige 1st attempt Stabilo pens resize


It’s been a while since I’ve done a piece traditionally so I was a bit worried, but it went rather smoothly and the whole portrait took me only a couple of hours.

On the right are my new pens, these are the colors I have so far.

IMG_20180905_151147 resize

And as usual I start outlining using my 2H pencil.

IMG_20180905_151757 resize

IMG_20180905_152444 resize

IMG_20180905_153153 resize

IMG_20180905_154916 resize

IMG_20180905_155053 resize

IMG_20180905_160853 resize

IMG_20180905_162644 resize

IMG_20180905_162647 resize

IMG_20180905_165725 resize

IMG_20180905_170841 resize

IMG_20180905_172125 resize

IMG_20180905_172739 resize

IMG_20180905_173337 resize

IMG_20180905_173849 resize

IMG_20180905_173934 resize

IMG_20180905_174506 resize

IMG_20180905_174555 resize

IMG_20180905_175512 resize

IMG_20180905_175621 resize

IMG_20180905_180144 resize

IMG_20180905_180459 resize

IMG_20180905_181252 resize

IMG_20180905_181449 resize

IMG_20180905_181726 resize

IMG_20180905_182253 resize

IMG_20180905_182411 resize

IMG_20180905_182547 resize

IMG_20180905_182718 resize

IMG_20180905_182925 resize

IMG_20180905_183134 resize

IMG_20180905_183938 resize

IMG_20180905_184255 resize

IMG_20180905_184616 resize

IMG_20180905_184747 resize

IMG_20180905_185103 resize

IMG_20180905_185410 resize

IMG_20180905_191938 resize

IMG_20180905_191945 resize

IMG_20180905_192440 resize

IMG_20180905_204230 resize

IMG_20180905_205007 resize

IMG_20180905_210104 resize

IMG_20180905_211648 resize

IMG_20180905_212626 resize

IMG_20180905_212903 resize

IMG_20180905_213850 resize

IMG_20180905_214032 resize

And that leads me to the finished piece (already shown at the beginning):

Sayumi Michishige 1st attempt Stabilo pens resize

My thoughts on the Stabilo pens? So far I really love them. They leave beautiful marks and are resistant to my Copics too. Not only that but the color selection makes them quite useful for different applications. I’m definitely planning on upgrading my collection. The only downside is that they don’t seem to be refillable, but they’re not expensive so it’s not a big deal. Can’t wait to see what I can create with them.


In any case, as I was writing this I had recently gotten off my other job and was happy to find a new video with members of Platinum Era Morning Musume, and that led me to another video that happened to give me a rather happy coincidence.

-By the way I use a dual monitor set up, left is my XP-Pen (that doubles as a monitor when not used for art) and my normal monitor on the right.

Anyway as I was watching this video I noticed that Sayu was looking right at them as they performed, I noticed this and found it funny and a coincidence as a certain number was happening. (I know I’m the only one finding pleasure and happiness in this but whatever).

Happy coincidence Sayu

Those who get it, get it.

Anyway, that’s this update.

Hasta la proxima,