Another year of life (2016)

I’ve made it through another year of life huh? This is the year I was preparing my self for. All the work I have put towards getting better were for this year that has finally come. It’s sink or swim now. Will my efforts bring forth fruit or will I have to deal with a crushing de

feat? That is what I have in store. It’s all a matter of my work from here on out and sadly luck… I don’t like leaving things to chance, but that seems to be a factor as well. All I can do is go at it with everything I have and work towards the best. Whether that will be rewarded is still yet to be seen.

Speaking of which I have some news… I got a table at one of the anime conventions next year. This one is for Wasabi. I’m a little nervous, but we’ll see how it all goes. Still haven’t heard from Colorado Anime Fest. They were supposed to let the applicants know by the 31st, but still no response. I wonder if they only contact the applicants that got a table? Oh well. This is one step closer to see what happens with my art in this type of setting.

November 2nd is “El Dia de los Muertos” (day of the dead) in Mexico. It’s a holiday very much like the OBon festival in Japan. It’s a time of celebration where we go to the cemetery to clean and remember our past loved ones. It is said that this is the one time a year when they (the spirits) are allowed to descend to Earth and visit their loved ones. I only ever experienced this festivity in my life, but it was a truly wonderful time to spend with one’s family and speak about one’s ancestors. I’m glad it’s getting some recognition outside of Mexico.

It’s strange though, this is the first year I have ever had a cake with a “Calabera” (skull)(a gift from my brother). Though I guess it makes sense. All my family is living and buried in Mexico so one can’t really celebrate it here in the States.


Of course the cake is “Tres Leches” a really tasty cake that has a really soft and moist layer filled with sweet milk. If you ever have a chance do try it.

We usually don’t give gifts on birthdays, we’ve always been quite frugal since just hanging out together is a good enough gift. But I have made it to 25 so I guess my brother felt he should give me something good this year. And man will it make it much easier to work. My Vaio laptop is no slouch, but once it gets to the intensive jobs it does slow down. Which is why the gaming pc he gave me such a great gift.

DSC_1070 crop

I was thinking of getting a stronger pc so this really relieves me of having to worry about that. Just a couple of more things and I will have everything I need to fully create everything I can think up to it’s full potential and be fully self sustainable.

So far this year has had a strong start. Here’s hoping I can continue to make it better.

Gracias por estar conmigo este año, espero que sigan con migo en este que viene.

Hasta la proxima,