Messer and Kaname Final

So I have finally finished this new piece (well I finished it yesterday but whatever). This is now available in the gallery as a print. Coloring has gotten easier it seems. I’m no longer afraid of dark colors so I can do a lot more with them.

I wanted to try something a bit new which is why I left the the left side blank. I decided to add the music player that Messer had containing Kaname’s song AXIA – Daisuki de Daikirai.

Singing for a Special Fan - Kaname and Messer resize

After I had the music player drawn out at the top I noticed that maybe it would have been better to extend the player vertically instead of horizontally. The original idea was to add the lyrics of AXIA in the bottom section. Heck I even copied the lyrics on my notebook.

AXIA lyrics resize

As you can see I got the lyrics from Hina from Hinatube who does covers and of course not only covered AXIA but also put the lyrics on the video.

Here is a link to it:

But after writing it all out and seeing the space, the kanji (which I didn’t want to miss-write, and the limitations to how precise I can my my strokes with the current pens I have,  I decided to skip it all together. And that is when I lamented the option of having the music player being vertical.

But not wanting to waste much time regretting that decision I instead went ahead and added some other details so that area wasn’t alone. Right away I had the idea of having tear drops falling on the “screen”. So I added those, but it still did not seem complete and since the screen seems to be projected and translucent I made the background on the right continue on the left. Over all the effect looks good.

What do you guys think?

Now that this one is done it is time to move on to the next project.

Hasta la proxima,