Plans for this summer and some thoughts

I have been in my real summer vacation for about a week now, and I managed to take care of quite a bit of obligations I was putting off. I feel a whole lot more free and at ease because of it. Now I want to focus on strengthening both my body and mind now that I have some extra time. This will of course help in keeping me focused when working on some more artwork so I am quite excited.

Strengthening my body will of course come from training (or physical exercise), due to some prior accidents I wasn’t able to really be too active, and add to that an artist who is also a university student and you have someone who is for the most part stationary and sitting down. That of course will take it’s toll on the body… I plan to be close to how I was in high school at the very least. I really don’t like having become so weak recently so I will undo it all starting this summer now that my body can actually take the physical stress again.

As for my mind I also want to increase my knowledge on digital mediums seeing as I can work a whole lot faster that way. I don’t ever plan to leave traditional artwork of course, digital will always be secondary but I do have to understand and use it so I  rented these books from the public library.


I also want to finally finish learning Japanese (well learn how to speak it fluently, I will probably never be able to master it since I will never stop learning huh?). I will be taking Japanese classes starting next semester (I also needed the credits in any classes so this all works out) so I went and bought the textbook to refresh my memory (I took a year of Japanese in high school) and be ready for classes.


I also really want to see more of Colorado this year. I’ve lived here most of my life and there are still so many places I have yet to see, it’s really a shame. So I want to visit new places this summer (focusing on hiking areas since I really love the mountains).

Overall I plan to make this summer the best I can and really enjoy it. New work will come of course so please keep coming back to see new updates.

Hope you guys also get to enjoy this summer (or winter for some of you) as well.

Next post I want to talk about my plans for the next artwork and some reference materials I bought.

Hasta la proxima,