Levi Ackerman Youtube video

I have finally finished the Levi Ackerman video, and has been uploaded.

In this episode I will tackle Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan.
As per request I used only color pencils for this drawing. I’m guessing that judging from her age she can only afford to invest on the basic art utensils. For that reason I made sure to use only Crayola color pencils (except for my black PrismaColor color pencil which works much better than the crayola, it can be bought on it’s own in a hobby shop).

Crayola pencils used: white, peach, light brown, silver, green blue, turquoise, tan, dark brown, blue, taupe, pink, brown, slate
(if using crayola, make sure to get a 36 colors box so that the transitions in colors can be done much smoother.

Overall the difference between professional color pencils and the mass market one’s are quite apparent. Crayola color pencils take quite a bit of time to blend together since the pigment doesn’t do more than three layers easily. And even then, the layers have to be placed in light coats first than applied on thicker coats little by little. I really like using a white color pencil to blend light colors together to give them a smooth transition from one color to the other and to go from color to white.

The best thing to keep in mind is that color pencils can be layered on top of one another. As for making outlines for the drawing before coloring. One can outline it with pens, but be prepared to keep the colors simple so that they don’t look bad and out of place and/or changing the thickness of the outlines throughout the drawing to make it blend well. I obviously did not do this. Instead I used only my mechanical pencil and darkened it once I had the rough lines drawn. From there I can start coloring and choose areas that I wish to lighten. I do this by applying color pencils over the lines. But be aware of how the color pencils can smear the graphite from the pencils.

This is just a speed drawing video, a slower (and longer) video will be uploaded soon.


Here are the links –

speed drawing version: 

EXTENDED version: 

And the drawing itself:

Levi Ackerman V Final II


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Ashita Mañana