Future plans and thoughts 9/19/15

This past month has been a good one. I have been doing some good progress overall with my artist project. I actually got some of the artwork bought. So things have improved a lot since last year. What a sad year that was… But now I just have to keep pushing forward.

To do that, I figured I have to be ready for anything. I noticed that one of the things that holds me back is not having ideas on what to do as my next project. So with that in mind I decided to fully catalog all the old artwork that will be part of the “RESTORATION PROJECT” that I announced a long time ago. I just went through all my sketches and sketchbooks and have a nice amount of work to use. This gave me a respectable 80 pieces of different work that I can work on in the future. But of course I also have to keep in mind to do completely new work as well. After all, as an artist I have to give my customers what they want, so I have to make sure at least half of my work is even relevant to the tastes of “today” whenever that is.

I wonder how I can increase my exposure on Pixiv, or Deviantart for that matter. I guess I have to be more social huh?..

Well better find someway to increase my popularity and soon.

Para El Futuro!