I’ve been feeling quite inadequate lately. My skills have improved but are still not good enough to reach the next stage. I have many regrets that are currently plaguing my mind. And that annoys me to no end. After all, if I was strong I would just overcome them without a problem in no time. But because I didn’t prepare beforehand, that all went down the drain. I used to be known as a really hard worker, but it seems that sometime before I became rather soft. A shadow of what I used to be. Recently some of that spark seems to be ignited from time to time but I don’t need just a  small spark. I need to set my soul ablaze and go at it 100% just like I used way back when. The first step is to not just think it, but do it. Which is why I decided to finally join the world stage so that I can test my skill repeatedly and increase my skill faster by going against stronger artists. That’s how I picked up skill before after all. Although I know I can do it, I just hope it doesn’t take too long. there are many goals and wishes I wish to accomplish before they are too late after all. Here’s hoping it all goes well, I will continue trying to set my soul on fire so that I can reach those at the top and accomplish my dreams. Hopefully you guys follow me on this journey.