What I was working on

I had drawn pictures that were large before (I’m talking about the 18 x 24 in. paper), but I never really thought much about time. What I found out was that it took longer than expected. I had hoped to be able to finish the drawing in about a week. But that didn’t happen. It actually took me two weeks and a half. And that is too much time. I feel I can probably cut it to about a week and a half, but that is still quite long. So I will have to increase the price on the detailed drawings for that size (18 x 24 in.).

Now as for what I’m talking about, here is the commissioned drawing I was working on for so long. The main points that I had to work with were, “The bride” from Kill Bill and Arya Stark from The game of thrones. I had to keep “epic”, Mount Everest, Pan’s Labyrinth and a couple of quotes in mind while I was given full artistic control. So this is what I came up with. I was thinking of the hardships they both had to overcome in the name of revenge. And of course, that will have it’s repercussions being represented by the maze up ahead. But if they persevere, there is light at the end of the path (represented by the mountain being lit by the breaking sun). There are other things going on, but I will let you guys discern the rest.

This will be made available as a print (got permission from the customer of course). I scanned a high resolution version, but in separate parts. Which means I have to piece it together first.

Canada I resize Canada II resize Canada III resize Canada IV resize  Canada V resize Canada VI resize Canada VII resize Canada VIII resize Canada IX resizeCanada X resize

There are some more things I will be working on and of course I will finish the metroid drawing as well.

Till next time