New artwork in progress.

I’m currently working on the next artwork. I was a bit unsure on what I should draw, than I remembered of a certain series that I happen to enjoy immensely. I’ve actually finished most of the rough draft already, I just need to add a couple of details. That is all I will say for now. But I will give you guys a hint as to what the theme is this time.

“What time is it!?”

New artwork and Disappearance Explained

Sorry, sorry. I was going to work on some Christmas and Winter stuff, but quite a couple of things piled on. Though this was my fault. I should have been working on some Christmas artwork a couple of weeks before anyway. So that is what will happen next year.

As for this drawing? Well one of the things I was working on last week was this piece for a client. The first official client after deciding to go pro. I got a couple of clients the years before, but again, this is the first official client. I will keep producing some more quality artwork to bring in more people interested in my services. For my first commission I have Katara from Avatar the Last Airbender. As stated before, I ran out of my Copics (well, at least the most important colors). So I used watercolors this time. After applying the color pencils on top I managed to make the drawing even more vibrant. As for Katara’s pose, I haven’t seen Avatar despite my brother and all my friends telling me to check it out. But since she is a waterbender and water is usually depicted as fluid, I’m guessing that they use a version of Tai Chi so I went with one of their forms. As for the water she is bending, I wanted there to be some contrast between Katara and the water. I wanted Katara to appear calm and collected, while the water was turbulent and fierce, ready to destroy anything in it’s path.

What do you guys think? (I’ll start working on the next artwork now)


Katara Rough Draft resizeKatara No COLOR resizeKatara COLOR I resize

Katara COLOR IV edit resize
Print available soon.

Will explain disappearance soon

Remember I said I was going to make some artwork for Christmas? Well things got complicated with the festivities/duties one has to take care of during these times. So I got quite a bit busy these last few days. On the plus side I do not come empty handed either. But more on that a little later today. I have to take care of a few things first.


Aqua – Hope is not Lost… “SORA… “

I was seriously rather surprised that it took me this long to finish this drawing. There have been some setbacks on my end due to some complications but it seems like things have been settling down now. So I was finally able to make some advancements these last two days. The bad news is that the next work was pushed back, unless I manage to make a miracle. Cosmos, grant me a miracle! (that’s how Seiya said it right?)

But I will try and make it work, I’ll start with a Christmas themed drawing and move up to a winter one (or maybe two).

Now, a bit on the drawing. I have run out on many of my Copic markers, so I have to buy some refills. But I don’t know when that will be, hopefully soon. Why do I bring that up, well that’s because I had to do this drawing with nothing but color pencils. Except for a few places that I had to do some fixing where some of the color pencil couldn’t color in completely (I used some Copic’s and a white pen). I noticed a couple  of “problems”, like the color pencils don’t completely cover the paper completely unless I paste it on heavily (this only works with my PrismaColors). The problem is that I can’t blend them too well at that point. But if I don’t heavily color it, then I leave white crevices (spots) on the paper. This is why I like to use Copics as a base in the bottom. Hmmm…. I made sure to buy a new type of paper that is really smooth to overcome this problem (I used Bristol paper by the way), and although it seriously does reduce these imperfections, it’s obviously not perfect. One thing to keep note of, is that if the object is big, as in it covers most of the paper (like a face portrait) and it doesn’t have many objects and colors in it like my drawing does, then you should have an easier time blending things and make the imperfections less noticeable. Whatever the case, it does give it the distinctive color pencil look. So although my style has evolved to the two process coloring that I have been developing, I’ll leave this as it is.

This drawing was made in commemoration of Kingdom Hearts 2.5 and the upcoming and long awaited Kingdom Hearts III. Made almost exclusively out of color pencils. Drawing made in inspiration of the Kingdom Hearts 3 teasers.

What do you guys think?

Aqua x resize Aqua xi resize Aqua xii resize Aqua xiii resize

Print available now.
Print available now.

Is now available in the Gallery.

Slight delay

This week has been quite problematic. I had a major problem with a virus that was going around and got sick because of it. That had me out of commission for the whole week, and to top it all off it’s is now going to be finals week so I have to take some time to study. For that reason I will have to delay this week’s artwork. \

Sorry about that.

But here are some scans of what I have done so far.

aqua ii resize aqua iii resize aqua iv resize

Next project/s 12/03/14

After much thought I figured I had many good artworks that were good enough for the Restoration Project, but I also found a couple of works that had some good potential but are not up to par for me to restore them. Instead I will be redoing them with my new skills, trying to bring out my original ideas and feelings and making them even better.

In any case I have a large collection of drawings that go well over fifty ( I haven’t counted them, but that seems to be about right). Anyway, aside from that I also want to do some Studio Ghibli artwork as well. Focusing on my favorite films. Another thing I want to do is make some winter and Christmas artwork as well, seeing as we are already in December.

But, before I do the winter theme artwork I want to work on a piece to commemorate the release of Kingdom Hearts II.5 release.

Here is  a peek at what I will call the “Re-do Project”.

The first drawing to go under this process is this Aqua painting.

Aqua rough draft resize

I had a good idea, but the drawing is very rough. I had never really used watercolor before (at least seriously) during this time, so the results leave a lot to be desired. In any case this is the drawing I will using for the next project.

Here is a peek.

aqua i resize

Till next time.