Aqua, Terra, Ventus “The challenges of the outside world” Update III Final

I’m finally done with my Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep drawing. I had it mostly done a couple of days ago actually. But I decided to hold off on it since I was still unsure of a couple of details. I’m glad I did because I feel I actually made it better. So for one, I added some more details with my color pencils and then I also used a new tool this time. I recently bought a black and white carbon pencil set. They work really well, specially the black one. It’s really soft and dark. Also I can spread it out to my preferences to add shadow effects and darken any colors quickly and efficiently. I really recommend it.

Once I had it all in order I darkened a couple of colors and areas using that carbon pencil I was talking about. After that I noticed that I would be able to produce an effect I was thinking about when it came to Ventus and specially Terra. I wanted to show that darkness was present in both, though it engulfed Terra so I added some black aura/shadows/mist around their bodies. But I also wanted Aqua to remain untouched by it but still in the midst of it since they are her friends and also her responsibility. I’ll talk a bit more about what I wanted to convey through this drawing a bit later. One thing I wasn’t really sure about was Ventus’s hair. I just didn’t like the dark outline at all. So I decided to add a bit of white highlights with my white pen. Luckily it came out rather well. So before I explain anything about it, here are the pictures.

Aqua Terra Ventus FINAL resizeAqua Terra Ventus IV resize Aqua Terra Ventus FINAL iii edit II resize Aqua Terra Ventus FINAL iv edit II resize

I will add a bit more to this later.

What do you guys think?