As Promised

I’m finally back. It took a while to get some other duties done, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t working on the next artwork. I just couldn’t put any time to come over here and write a bit of an update. But as promised here is another update.

About a week ago I showed you guys an unfinished artwork, well here it is. It will be going into the gallery so that it can be purchased.

Print available now.
Print available now.

Update + sneak peek

I have another test again… so I have to disappear for a while yet again. Hopefully I can finish it all by today, I really want to work on all the piles of artwork left unfinished.

Any way, here’s a sneak peek to another artwork that will be added to the gallery and will actually complete the set. (I’ll let the drawing do the talking, still unfinished). I actually had this for a couple of month but stuff happened…

Zygarde resize

Gallery finally updated

I was finally able to update my gallery. I took out almost all of the artwork that was there before and replace it with the current artwork that I have finished recently. I’ll try to keep the artwork in the gallery clean of unfinished work and only update it with artwork worthy of being there. Hope you guys enjoy it. The gallery is quite small at the moment, but I will make it grow pretty soon. Hope you guys look forward to it.

By the way, artwork that is currently up right now are

Xerneas – A Chance Encounter

Yvelta – A Chance Sighting

Sinanju – A path that is not destined

Obscurus and Ame “Halloween “

The Wind Rises – A lifetime by your side


The Wind Rises – A Lifetime By Your Side

Not that long ago I created this drawing. In fact I’m pretty sure I put it up here and in DeviantArt. But now that I have my trusty scanner I was able to get a good quality scan of my work. On top of that I made sure to make some corrections to it, so it is now it’s final stage. This will be among the couple of artwork that will be put up in my gallery. My goal is to put it up by tomorrow (the power problem is still not fixed so we’ll see).

This was created for a contest, the weird thing is that one had to do so without having seen the movie (The movie was still not available in the States). So we just had the trailer to go from (unless you happened to live in Japan at the time and saw it there). Having seen the movie… I’m actually quite amazed at what I was able to create. It goes very well since this was part of the theme of the movie, which was about there relationship between Jiro and Nahoko (the main them was about Jiro designing planes). What I wanted to do for this piece was show the evolution of the relationship between Jiro and Nahoko over the years. One that was pure, and filled with their emotions for each other. I did not win the contest (though I did figure they would choose something more abstract which they did, plus it seems the judges valued the plane aspect more).

In any case, what do you guys think?

Tomorrow I will be uploading another piece that is actually finished already, it just needed a good scan.

The Wind Rises - A lifetime by your side


The new prices are now updated. New sizes are also now available, and prices have changed. I will be updating other parts of the website soon, so please look forward to that. The next page updated is the artworks section, some artwork will be taken down and new added.

another minor update: My power went down, so I will have to fix it. This might impede in  me making updates momentarily. Will be back very soon.

Sorry about that.

Sneak peek – Aqua, Terra, Ventus “The challenges of the outside world”

This drawing I was planning on working on quite a while ago, but I never did get around to it. So here it is.

Aqua Terra Ventus Rough Draft resize

Since this is only a sneak peek I won’t talk too much about it till I post the finished piece. Aside from this I have some other projects I will be doing in tandem, hopefully I will be ok.

Till next time,


Obscurus and Ame ‘Halloween’ FINAL + UPDATE

Materials (used only for the restoration) – Copics: C1, C3, C5, C7, W1, W3, W5, W7, BV00, BV08, V09, V15, V17, E00, E29, E31, E33, E37, E49, R27, YR65, Y26, Y28, R00, R27, R29, R39, RV11, Y11, Y15, Y17, Y21, Y26, Y28, YR04, YG03, G24, 100, 0

Sakura Gellyroll – White

I got a bit busy so I wasn’t able to add any updates of this drawing up before today, sorry about that. It is finally going live! But before that I would like to give some back story to this drawing. This drawing was first done about a year ago, I think… sadly for some reason I didn’t put the date in the back. In any case, this is the first drawing to go through a new project that I am working on. Thinking about it, it doesn’t have a name yet does it (the project I mean)? After thinking about it, I will name it “The Restoration Project”. I will be restoring a lot of my old drawings since I just didn’t have the abilities to draw out the full potential of my art at the time. This will only be done on the drawings that actually have a potential of course, this is so I can limit the amount so that I can keep doing some new material.

Now, as for the drawing it self. I have been giving hints of me writing my own story. What I have not said yet is the name of the story. So this will be the first time I will be making this public. The name of the story will be named “Between Light and Darkness”. As of now, I plan on writing this story in three parts. But I do have ideas of what can come after. What does this have to do with this drawing? Well this is a scene inspired by my story using two of the characters that will be in it. The girl is named Ame Makenshi and the boy is named Obscurus Nube. I want to make the story a bit original, but like most stories this has to do with a guy who has feelings for a girl. This scene is of them in a  Halloween party. Ame is getting a picture taken and Obscurus is caught in the background staring at her. I’m sure this has happened to most people at some point right? So what do you guys think? Does the drawing look better?

Obscurus and Ame Halloween

Obscurus and Ame ‘Halloween’ + Update

I will be updating the website pretty soon, sorry I had to take care of some things on my end before I could come back to finish the construction of the website. I will be adding some more artwork to the “gallery” and updating the “prices“. So I hope you guys look forward to that.

Anyway I want to do something a bit different. I have a lot of old artwork that is actually pretty good, but I need to color it in better and polish it over all. So I will be doing that with a couple of drawings. We will start with the one below. Since it is October I felt it fitting for the season (more on the drawing later).

Hope you guys look forward to it.


Obscurus and Ame Halloween