Hatsune Miku Update II

As promised, here is the next update to the current artwork that I am working on right now. This is only the base with some shadows added. This was done with both water colors and Copic markers. Now I am in the final stages. What I will do now is add some more colors with my color pencils. And that will be my final step, so next time it should be the final piece.

Hatsune Miku Colored resized

Hatsune Miku Next Project

This is my next project. I was thinking of adding some feature that would make coming here a bit more of an incentive, than just going to my DeviantArt page. After all, if its just the same things than really what’s the point of coming here right? So what I will do is post only the rough drafts and finished version while I will give people that come here a little bit more of the process of the drawing and some details of why I decided to do certain colors or details among other things.

Well here is the first batch.

Hatsune Miku Rough Draft resizeHatsune Miku Uncolored resize iiHatsune Miku Inked resizeHatsune Miku First layer resize

Sinanju ‘A path that is not destined?’

Materials- Copics: C1, C3, C5, C7, W1, W3, W5, W7, B34, B39, B45, R27, YR09, Y08, Y11, Y21, BV00, YG03, YG06, 0, 100

Reeves Water Colors: Payne’s Gray, Ivory Black

PrismaColor: White, Black, 20% French Grey, 20% Warm Grey, 50% Warm Grey, 70% Warm Grey, 70% Cool Grey,
Dark Umber, Crimson Red, Crimson Lake, Sunburst Yellow, Orange, True Green, Cloud Blue, Light Cerulean Blue,
True Blue, Copenhagen Blue, Ultramarine

I tried a new technique on this drawing. I was thinking about this for a very long time, wondering if I would be able to pull it off correctly. It’s not like I haven’t used this before, I attempted a couple of drawings when I was in high school. They came out alright but needed a lot of polishing, though I did not have a couple of tools that I have now to aid me in the process.

Anyway, this drawing is mixed media. I first put a base of watercolors and Copic’s getting as much of the details as I can. Then when that is done I go over it again and add more details and make it smoother with my PrismaColor color pencils. The results are actually quite amazing. The reason I was so interested on this technique was because my Copic collection is still small and I don’t have much money to keep refilling them and water colors come out really washed out (they are meant for other styles really). On the other hand color pencils require a lot of time to polish the drawing. If not done right, the drawing comes out washed out as well and there are also white spaces left one the paper grains which diminish the quality of the drawing specially when having the subject complimented with a background.

What do you guys think? I am planning on drawing a couple of other Gundam Unicorn mobile suits/gundams. Which ones do you guys want me to draw next.


Some new changes

As I thought, I will have to give up making Youtube videos (at least regular ones). From here on out I will just focus on creating the best artwork possible and making my name grow. On top of that I will also help grow a project that I have been interested in starting for a while now. Hopefully I can make my goals happen.

Although I have gotten extremely busy these days, now that I have given up Youtube I now have a bit of time to implement to this page, so expect some more content from here on out. It won’t be coming at a scheduled pace but it should be constant at least.

There will be some changes to this page as well, some pages will be taken off. I will now only focus on creating drawings and nothing else. So all pages that are not that will be taken off. The way to order commissions will be simplified as well, and some of the artwork will be taken off and replaced as well. So keep that in mind if you happen to see somethings missing.

I have finally reached the level where I can create artwork that I was aiming for. But that also means that I can reach even higher levels when it comes to my artwork, so I will not be satisfied just yet. I will keep improving my art so that it can reach new heights. I truly hope you guys look forward to that.

On another note, “Feliz dia de la independencia! Para mi pais Mexico!”
Today we celebrate the independence of my home country Mexico, though it is going through some tough situations and problems, I still love my country and am proud to tell others of my nationality. Hopefully the problems being faced will be resolved in a non violent way in the future. “Viva Mexico! Te deseo lo mejor.”