Artist Project Update 3/15/2014

Drawing what is popular, and drawing what one really enjoys is something that sometimes can undermine the popularity of an artist. Although one might have the same tastes as the general population, there might be a subject (be it a scenery, individual, group, culture, series etc.) that one can’t let go because of the importance it has to one’s life. But, the majority of people might not be too into it, or just moved on from that to something else that is more recent. Of course, there are a couple of exceptions that don’t lose popularity because of their impact in history, but a vast amount of subjects do lose that general public interest. Because of this, an artists creation might not get recognized or even looked upon because it does not hold an interest in people anymore. That is when one has to make a decision. Should I draw what people are into, or should I keep drawing what I like in the hopes that someone out there who has similar tastes might find it?

The answer is actually quite simple. Do both. I don’t mean to draw things you don’t enjoy just to get more people interested. What I mean is that if you happen to have interest in something popular at the moment, take the time to make a piece for it. That will boost the amount of interest in your artwork. While doing that, work on pieces that are meaningful to you. Just take turns between each. This is something I have to keep in mind myself, because I tend to ignore this piece of advice all the time. I get so enamored with a subject that I am still working with it a couple of years down the road, while others have already moved on to newer things (both other artists and viewers/customers).

I usually don’t move for many reasons though. I like to stay with a subject not just because I cant get enough of it, but because I like to delve into it until I can understand it to the best of my ability. I like to be able to draw that subject without much afterthought during the process. Being able to just freely express my self without worrying if I was getting certain sections right or wrong. This process might be a little longer for me since I am a  free hand artist though.

In any case, I will give this a try, and see where this takes me. If this works I will let you know.

Till next time,


Kuroko Tetsuya

So this weeks artwork will be featuring Kuroko Tetsuya from the Kuroko no Baske (“the basketball Kuroko plays”), a series that is much like Captain Tsubasa (except instead of Football, they play basketball). This means that there will be young school players that have extraordinary techniques that makes one think of Dragon Ball (minus the fighting). It is an amazing series and has the type of characters I like as a protagonist (the main one anyway), a weak player in all areas except passing. This means that he has a lot to improve throughout the series. And sure enough, the series delivers. Despite his weaknesses, Kuroko uses his strengths to make his lack of abilities more than make up for it. I don’t want to delve too much into it, so if you have not seen it, make sure to do so as soon as you can.

I have decided to finally start working with my collection of Copic markers I bought a couple of years ago. The smoothness that I can achieve from them always leaves me amazed to no end (though I still need to work on not using too much ink on my artwork). I started with a simpler design, but eventually decided to add a dark background to it later (backgrounds are still my weakness). Looking at them side by side, I think the simpler “light” design is still my favorite. But the “dark” design doesn’t look bad either. What do you guys think?

Kuroko White background

Kuroko Dark Background