Artist Project Update 1/31/2014

So this is the first official update for the artist project (for those who are new, I have decided to document my journey to become a self promoted artist using only media sites like Youtube, Deviant Art and the like). When I first launched, surprisingly I got some visitors right away. I knew that it would take time to make this (my page) pick up, but I did not expect to get some feedback right away. I feel that showcasing on sites like Youtube and Deviant Art are really good at making this happen, but it does start slow. From what I read from other users and artists that have been doing it for a while, one has to be constant in uploading material. This is something I did not take heed from when I first created my Youtube and Darkcloud XERO account. I tended to update sporadically, which in turn had my followers and viewers lose interest over time. Now that I have decided to follow this path seriously though, updates and material will be done on a weekly basis. Though I have some people who have been watching me for a while, I will really be starting almost from zero. I will have to work my way up again and see if my work will reach the original audience for one, and then reach out to more.

Views on the first Youtube video of this project have been slow, last I checked it was at 12 views. That’s definitely better than 0 but I will see if my views will climb any higher as time goes by. Views on Deviant Art are not too bad, I believe I have at most 46 views on the new material I uploaded last week. As I keep updating, lets see if those views go up. Oh and on that note, I have decided to add a watermark to material I upload from here on out, hoping that decision adds incentive to buy my art. Will talk more about this in future posts if it has some effects.

One last thing, aside from becoming an artist for a living, I was also spending a lot of time coming up with ideas on a story I wanted to write and make illustrations for. I spent about two years documenting interesting subjects, ideas, people and locations. I have an idea of the whole story now, how it starts, the middle and the end. I have even thought of some ideas for a prequel. I will use this space for any updates on how this plays out.

Till next time,