Sora and Riku playing with Obscurus ( ArtByKarenEHaley Entry )

I’ll start off by saying that I want to enter this into the “Professional” category.

The characters are from Kingdom Hearts (specifically Sora and Riku) and the the other character in the tv screen is Obscurus (my Original Character). I’ve also added a photo of Kairi in a poster posted on the wall (giving the impression that she is an idol, or something similar).

I don’t know how others see things when playing games, but I feel like I am right along side Sora (or Riku in the latest installments) on his adventures. In other words we are “hanging out with each other” (sorry I know the description is kinda weak, but I hope you guys get the point). So I thought I would reverse the position and make it seem like Sora and Riku are playing alongside Obscurus on his adventure. In this case Sora and Riku are playing versus mode. Riku having beaten Sora too many times decides to play blindfolded and is still sweeping the floor with him.

Hope you enjoy it,