How to Draw Challenge – Luo Tianyi (COLORED)

Request by: DOGChels
And so this the second installment of the Luo Tianyi video… “In Color!” I recently obtained a set of 50 color pencils so my array of colors has grown a bit (finally). I am still unpleased with the way my coloring comes out. The time I borrowed my skills from Banpai Akira the drawing came out amazingly good, but I still have not been able to replicate it on my own. This time I tried to use a different style (that is a bit more plain but is much easier to use). Despite that I feel it needs a bit more effort. I’ll keep making more videos but I want to try to master my coloring style so that it comes out flawlessly. I hope you guys will come with me on this adventure to master the “color”.

Hope you enjoy it,