How to Draw Challenge – Tifa Lockhart (COLOR)

If people do not know who she is then they have at least heard her name or seen her face (and body) at some point or another. Tifa is one of the most iconic game characters out there today. The fact that she is extremely beautiful and can kick you silly are two main reasons that I like her. I can’t help but find strong and dependable women to be attractive. Even way back when, when I was barely getting into the whole anime and manga lifestyle, I was already becoming a fan of Tifa after getting a glimpse of her in Advent children (at that time I had barely started to play Kingdom Hearts and learned a bit about Final Fantasy).

Since requests are no longer piled up and taken cared of I can now start drawing some things that I am personally interested on. This being one of them. Just to let you guys know (the viewers who take their time to stop by my channel to see my videos every week) I will not be posting another video for about a week, so the next one will be next Saturday (this will happen anytime I do not have any requests). I am doing this because I am trying to master new mediums and finally announce a project I have been working on for a while now that I cannot wait to show you guys. I truly hope you guys understand. Now as for this drawing, I actually drew this about a week ago but I decided to take care of requests first.

Over all I really liked how it came out, but I do want to go ahead and fix a couple of details that stick out a bit too much. The main thing that bugs me is that her face seems to give off too much shine, this doesn’t really look good since it gives the impression that she is oily. And the other details are small ones that I couldn’t do in the video because if I got too close to the camera my head would block out everything. And seriously who would want to see my head instead of the drawing.
Until next time.

Hope you enjoy it,