How to Draw Challenge – IA

Request by: ChelsDOG

Once again we have another Vocaloid. This time it is another newcomer, IA. I have heard a couple of songs and really like her voice. She really sounds realistic too, which I find interesting.

Because the hair color tended to change a bit in the references I had a hard time choosing how to go about it. In the end I decided to create a bit of a mixture of both light yellowish creme and a hint of pink. To my surprise it actually looke really good.

What do you guys think?

Hope you enjoy it,


How to Draw Challenge – Yukari Yakumo (Banpai Akira)

Here is another drawing from my old channel. Ahh, I remember that back then I couldn’t really break free from only being able to draw what was in front of me. Now I believe I have gotten better, which allows me to change the posture and merge different references into one that is all my own.

Hope you enjoy it,


How to Draw Challenge – The Selfish Princess , the Shy Psychic and the Idiot (COLOR)

More than any of the other drawings I have done so far, this is by far the one I wanted to do the most. I have so many series that I really enjoyed, but although it was a hard decision I think that School Rumble is definitely my favorite out all of them. It’s a series that contains every genre out there. And althought it has a lot of comedy, it is not over rulling like in Hayate no Gotoku where almost no serious moments are allowed to progress. The plot is so interesting especially with the progressive addition of new characters over time. Even if they are side character they are given form and personality which makes the story that much more interesting.

Although I like most of the characters, my all time favorite female characters (no surprise here) are Yakumo and Eri. And of course my favorite male character (maybe rulling over all the others even) is Harima. His ability to be true to his feelings at all times without waivering at allmost every point is amazing, although it is this ability that makes him such an idiot.

The drawing is  not completely finished, but I ran out of time. I have a couple of other things I want to add to it so I feel it is complete.

Hope you enjoy it,


How to Draw Challenge – Prince of Persia (COLOR)

request by: KillingCore

Another game that I still haven’t fully played despite my interest. I remember seeing a friend of mine from middle school who first showed me the game and I seriously wanted to buy it. But for many reasons did not have the chance. I’ll probably wait a bit and hope they make an hd collection like they did for Devil May Cry.

Anyway, this drawing took me quite a bit of time, especially because of the detail on the armor. But overall I believe it came out rather well. What do you guys think?

Hope you enjoy it,


How to Draw Challenge – Vergil (COLOR)

request by: MrEndcraft

Still haven’t bought the games but I went and looked up some videos of Vergil, and he is awesome. I can’t wait to play the games, luckily for me they have made an hd collection of the devil may cry games for the PS3 so this will make things much easier.

Hope you enjoy it,


How to Draw Challenge – Vanitas (Unmasked Glare) (COLOR)

Request by: BladesOfMunch

Vanitas, one of the hardest bosses in Birth by Sleep. Especially in the secret Vanitas stage. It was definitely unexpected when we found out that the face underneath the mask was that of Sora, and yet it also made perfect sense seeing as both Ventus and Sora are connected by an amazingly strong bond.

I decided to place Vanitas in a leaning back against a wall kind of pose with his helmet off (as requested). I almost made a couple of mistakes when drawing the face. Since the helmet was completely off he wouldn’t have the metal remains (which is actually the helmet but without the black protective shield). It’s kind of hard to explain, but to those who are really observant and actually know what I’m talking about Im sure will understand.

My drawings as they are, are still incoplete without backgrounds so I might have to do something about that. But with the current camera I have now that runs out of battery rather fast, it’s kind of hard to do it in one session which is already taking ridiculous amounts of time. So I might have to do it in seperate videos. What do you guys think?

Hope you enjoy it,


New Page Added

(update: Not really doing them anymore – 9-5-18)

I have actually given hints about this on some of my earlier posts, and the time has finally arrived for me to unveil a new area I will be dealing with on this space…Piñatas. I wanted to find a way to meld my love for anime and games into some of my culture, and what better way to do that then to make a traditional symbol of every new year that a person goes through. Using skills I learned back when I was only a few years old and some of the new skill I developed through drawing. The result is actually much better then I could have imagined.

One of the things I noticed was that most of the Piñatas I found here in the states have lost alot of the original quality they once used to have. I actually was searching to see if anyone out there had anything I had envisioned and to my surprise there were none. One thing I did notice was that most of the best if not the best Piñatas were found in Mexico (my motherland). Almost all of them had a great likeness to what they were supposed to be. While here in the states most had only two types of Piñatas. The first kind were oddly shaped and gave a hard time to the viewer who was trying to figure out what character the Piñata was supposed to be. The second kind were  just plain Piñatas that just had a picture of the character on it, and that was it. Many of them were poorly made, some already breaking apart before even being used. It seems that the two original methods have been discarded for a more simple carton base instead of the sturdy “engrudo” and newspapers or it’s other counterpart made with clay (not as common anymore since it can me a bit dangerous).

I of course have decided to use the “engrudo” and newspaper method which can be very manageable and flexible when making creations. the results are a very strong (you would be surprised at how hard these can be made) and sturdy body, but also very light which makes it ideal for Piñatas.

The story about how Piñatas came to be can be read here:

or here:

Please note that many of the stories have different variations

So if you ever wanted a certain type of piñata but never seemed to find it anywhere else here is the place to do so. Browse through the already made piñatas or customize your own. The designs are made to look as good as an actual collectors figure, having most of the details taken cared of. I have invested all of my abilities so that they are deemed as art pieces that can be collected, but with the characteristics of an actual Piñata ready to get busted to realease the goods of your choosing.

Strange Figure In the Sky

Today while me and my younger brother were walking on a path back home at around 8:20 – 8:25 we witnessed a strange light over our heads. My brother was the first to notice it. At first glance he believed it was a star, and he excitedly told me so as he pointed up (he was excited because it was not dark outside at all, in fact the sun was blazing through all our sky by this time). As I looked up I almost instantly saw the light he was talking about, and for about a second I was about to confirm him. But by chance I stayed looking at it and noticed something weird about it, it was rotating in a weird fashion. And what was even more odd was that the shape was not spherical, it was elongated. The thoughts began to form in my mind about what it could be, the first thought were that it might be a balloon of some sort but as I kept staring I couldn’t help but rule it out. No whatever it was, this object was much larger considering just how high up it looked in the sky. I deduced that it was hovering above our athmosphere The next thing that came to mind was a satellite, I was almost possitive that it must have been that, or at least I wanted myself to think that way. But as me and my brother kept staring we just couldn’t help but think it might actually be extraterrestial, the object was rotating far too fast and was also zooming past the sky at an incredible rate (considering the distance it had to travel if it truly was in space). After a couple of short minutes the object was beggining to mask it self within the glare of the sun until we lost site of it. Now I wonder just how many other objects we are missing because of the daylight through our lifes, especially because almost all of us have lost the ability to look up and wonder what might be there?

How to Draw Challenge – Sakuya Izayoi (Banpai Akira style) (COLOR)

A couple of months ago when my old account was still alive I received a request for Sakuya Izayoi in the style of Banpai Akira. But because I was so busy I was never able to do so. But finally here it is, if you (the requestor) are still watching my videos I apologize for taking so long.

What is weird is that I have also had a great urge to draw Sakuya in this style. For those who do not know, Sakuya is one of my favorite Touhou characters and right now I believe that Banpai Akira is my favorite artist. So as you can imagine I was really looking forward and excited to create this drawing. What is interesting is that now that I have decided to take the time needed to create a great drawing is actually rather long. Before it used to only take about 40 minutes to 1 hour, but not it is taking from 2 to 3 hours. This drawing took me over 5 hours to create.

I believe that most of my time went away on the table which had a lot of colors and had to have a good shine to it. This was achieved with my secret weapon… the white color pencil. Just like the black gives my drawings a really good effect and sense of three dimensionality, my white also reflects light to give my drawings some more impact that jumps out of the pages. I seriously loved the way it turned out.

This drawing was done just like my Marisa drawing where I took a cosplayer to give me the posing and also a picture that showcased Banpai Akira’s style. If you have not seen that video you can see it here:

And here are the links for the references.

The cosplayer:

And of course for the original from Banpai Akira:

Hope you enjoy it,