How to Draw Challenge – Black Rock Shooter (COLOR)

It is finally here, my interpretation of Black Rock Shooter. This character/series has had quite a bit of a following, so much so that it’s amazing. The story of how it all began is just as great or even greater than that of the Touhou Project. It all started with the individual work of one man that all flourished into something so magnificent and amazing. To have just one drawing inspire a song and later a whole array of adaptations including anime, games and figures is just amazing. I can clearly understand why it happened, though. After all when I saw drawings and videos of Black Rock Shooter my curiosity was always awakened. I was just facinated by the design of both the character and the background.

When I saw the OVA I was blown away, it was really owning up to all it’s hype. Now I know that there are alot of people who dissagree and believe the OVA or the series for that matter isn’t that special, all I can say about that is, to each their own. Next stop is watching the series, but I want to leave it alone until a couple of episodes have already gone up. I like to watch it marathon style.

My interpretation is made up of action figures, original and fan made renditions of Black Rock Shooter. I really liked the blue hue on her hair ( which is apparent in the figures) so I decided to add that in. I was kind of having a bit of hard time deciding whether or not to incorporate the blue flame, but I seriously wanted to show her eyes which is why I ended up omitting it. Back grounds are something I still have not been incorporating yet (and the main reason is the time it would take), but I really want to do so, even if just a little like I did with this drawing in the very bottom.

Hope you enjoy it,