How to Draw Challenge: The Eighth – Valkyrie VF-1S – Hikaru Ichijo

First of all I apologize for not putting up a video on Wednesday, it got so late that day that I fell asleep while making it so I never got the chance to upload it. Sorry.

Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, truly a gem among all the anime series I have seen so far. I remember watching it when I was a child. It was truly an amime that really left an impression on my life. Even back then when I was really into Dragon Ball, Macross managed to beat it. The story, the action and the music was just so amazing that I was left craving for more everytime I finished watching an episosde. A couple of days ago I finished watching the whole original series and was reminded why I loved it so much. For those who have watched it in it’s Robotech form, please watch the original version you will not be dissapointed. There is just so much that was cut off in the American version that pretty much changed the whole series from it’s full potential. Despited being rather old it can still hold it’s own in this era (although that shouldnt be too hard considering most anime’s have just becalmed fan service machines with little to no story at all). The original Macross is definitely the best series I have seen from this franchise (although from the little I have seen, Frontier isn’t too bad).

For this video I recommend listening to: “Macross” the original theme song

Hope you enjoy it,