“A Better Life”

Today I have finished watching one of the best movies of 2011, “A Better Life”.  I had seen the preview for it a couple of months ago, and was quickly intrigued. Now, one may ask themselves why I would be. And the answer is…  I know how hard it is to be an immigrant in this country (the U.S.) or any country for that matter (these problems will apply whether you are considered legal or not). Many people tend to treat immigrants  rather badly. Although this movie was based on the live’s of Mexican immigrants, this can relate to anyone who has had to make the long journey to have “a better life”. Maybe the resources are not that good in the native land, or there is too much violence leading up to the migration. But whatever the reason, people tend to migrate to provide a better life for one’s family, specially the children’s.

What I find interesting is the way immigrants are portrayed in the eyes of those who oppose the incoming flow of new Americans. We are seen as pests, scavengers, leeches, in other words, the worst of the worst. When these people are asked why they do not like immigrants they quickly say that we are gangbangers or drug dealers. What they fail to understand is that we immigrants are not all like that, yes there are people who fall off into that kind of life (it is not just immigrants either, some of the biggest crimes and drug usages are done in places considered “high society” and closed communities), but not everyone. And to top  it off, they (those against immigrants) take away the identity of the individuals. We are no longer humans, we are “aliens”. These tactics are extremely disgusting. After all it is tactics like these that were used by Hitler when he made sure to destroy any other culture he believed to be in the way.

What’s funny is that when people think immigrant or for a worser term “alien”, the first thing that comes to mind is Mexican. But it is not just Mexicanos that come to the U.S., it is a whole array of people from all over the world who wish to bask in the light of opportunity to make “a better life”. Immigrants range from an immense ammount of diversity, that make up almost all the cultures of the world. After all the United States is a country of immigrants. So to deny the entrance of new Americans is rather selfish. One thing that should be pointed out is that the new wave of Americans is not like our predecessors, who came with guns and destroyed the cultures of the true native Americans. Compared to that past, this new wave is actually a rather peaceful one.

One other thing to have in mind is that humans always will migrate, it is our very nature. A great many people have migrated after all. Reasons range from survival, opression, bad environment, religious calling, riches, or to just explore and take humans to new horizons. This will continue to happen, after all humans are now looking to the vastness of space. Humans are made to migrate, so to say that we do not have the right to enter this or any other country is to go against being human. Most people that came here want to make “a better life” but because of all the restrictions and shunning, many are forced to go outside the law in order to survive. Now, I am not defending criminal behavior, but I do ask for understanding. We all are where we are because of the series of events that went through our life’s, the problem is that some have it worse off than others and not everyone is strong enough to pull through to lead a “good” life.

Now this goes to any immigrant, legal or not. After all I have seen discrimination to all of us disregarding what our status is. So if you should be reading this and happen to be an immigrant I will tell you this. Do not give up and fight for your dreams. Life gives you many challenges, it is up to us to go through them and prove ourselves worthy. And to those who oppose the influx of immigrants, I am sorry you feel this way. But please try to open your mind and heart and try to remember that we (yes including you) are decendants of immigrants. The only thing I ask of people is to try and have understanding. Life is not black or white, it has many variations so to choose only one side without taking into account the why, will only lead to conflicts and misunderstandings. And truthfully we can be better than that.

If you are interested in finding out about the hardships that many immigrants have to go through, then please check this film out. Another film that I really enjoyed is called “Shinjuku Incident” starting Jackie Chan. This film also deals with the hardships that immigrants face. In this case the immigrants are Chinese and the country is Japan. Although in two very different hemispheres, the similarities are extremely apparant (one more piece of evidence that we are all the same). I really liked this film as well so if you have the chance please check it out.

Sorry, I know I deviated a bit from the usual themes but I find this to be a very important topic. Plus this helps lead up to the next video.


How to Draw Challenge: The Fourteenth – Victorique de Blois (COLOR)

First off, if you have not seen Gosick, then I advise that you do so. This anime is really enjoyable. For starters I am a sucker for detective theme stories so when I started watching it I was hooked. Plus it also helped that we had a mini (reference to her small size) -detective girl who solves crimes that the real authorities can’t even get a hold of. And to make things better we get another interesting character into the mix. A Japanese boy, who unlike most other stories, does not possess any special skills but somehow still manages to be really helpfull in solving the cases. Example; picking up Victorique when she cannot reach a book or a piece of evidence, yes she is that short. When both these characters are combined, something magical takes shape. Plus it also helps that Victorique adds to the list of cute tsundere charaters of anime.

Hope you enjoy it,


Changes to the Content and Layout

It has been over a year that I have erected this blog, so I think it is now time to make some more changes and keep evolving. I will be deleting some of my pictures and adding new more recent one’s. I will also be updating the information and try and make things a bit more easy to navigate (So I apologize in return if things are still under construction when you visit).

On another note, I have recently purchased a Wacom Bamboo touch and pen Manga tablet (when I get it, I can review it) so I will be entering into the digital realm in the hopes of acquiring more abilities and widening my range of skills. So I hope you guys look forward to that.


How to Draw Challenge: The Thirteenth – Solid Snake (COLOR)

Solid Snake, probably the coolest old guy ever. I seriously wanted to work on some hard lines especially in the face, and what better way to do that then to use one of the most iconic old mans we have seen so far in gaming history. The Metal Gear series truly deserves all the recognition it has acquired so far. The game play is extremely interesting and fun, plus the story is really well made. Although some of the evenths of the last title of Metal Gear made it seem like the saga was over, I have read some interviews where Hideo Kojima mentioned that the story might advance a bit more. Hopefully that will happen, after all it would be awesome to see Snake hiding under a box at least one more time.

Hope you enjoy it,


How to Draw Challenge: The Twelfth – Marisa Kirisame (COLOR)

Today is a very special day. I have finally managed to find a good amount of music that will not give me any problems with youtube (unless they make some dumb mistakes, which they have done to pretty much all users). So I will go back to the origins of my old account and make the videos shorter without any instructions on the video. But like always, if you guys have any questions what so ever, let me know.

On this video we will be drawing one of my favourite characters from Touhou … Marisa Kirisame. I’ve been really wanting to draw her so I made sure to do so this time. I found this really cool reference of her and decided to go with that. I seriously like the colors and the style of the drawing overall so taking a go at it was really fun. I have to say this has got to be one of my best drawing so far. I am seriously surprised at the quality of the color I managed to create (especially since I haven’t really taken the time to practice my coloring). I seriously greatful to the creator of the orginal piece, right now Bampai Akira is probably my favourite artist. The way he draws and the colors he uses and doesn’t use is definitely that of a master. Anyway you can see the original piece here: http://www.zerochan.net/73526

And the reference I used for the pose was found here:


Like in my previous videos I took the original and a cosplayer to change the drawing and make it my own. But unlike with my Kairi drawing, I did not change the character into a real life version (since I like the original one so much). Let me know what you think.

Hope you enjoy it,


How to Draw Challenge: The Eleventh – Ghost

Modern Warfare 2 was the game that first introduced me to the new generation of first person shooter games (the first would probably be 007 Golden Eye). I really enjoyed the both the story and the gameplay, not to mention all the memorable characters especifically Ghost. I don’t know, there is just something about him tha makes him so cool and a favourite among alot of fans. I don’t know what it is about him that makes him this way. Maybe it’s just his mask, or maybe it’s his cool english accent, heck it could just be because he would have our backs throughout most of the game. Although I believe it has alot to do with the scene where we both fight our way through hordes of enemies only to be killed and burned together (kind of like those bloodbrothers you see in novels or movies). Whatever the reason, Ghost is cool and let’s just leave it at that.

If and when I do another drawing from Modern Warfare, I am thinking about drawing Roach so I hope you look forward to that.

For this video I recommend listening to: “Betrayal – Ghosts Fate”

Hope you enjoy it,


KINGDOM HEARTS 3D -Special Trailer-

I can’t believe that it has already been ten years since the appearence of the first Kingdom Hearts Game. It has been a long time but filled with great memories. Those times I spent playing the game were filled with a lot of happiness and dreams. Whenever I turned on my PS2 to play it my problems just seemed to fly away, to be replaced with the wonders and magic cast by Sora and the rest of the cast. I really owe alot to Kingdom Hearts, after all it has been a great part of my childhood and was also a great motivator in my current pursuits to become an artist that also creates a story to go with my pieces (I’ll talk about this project a bit more on another post).

Two days ago SQUARE ENIX just released a new trailer for the upcoming installment of Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance or Kingdom Hearts 3d for short. Just like last time we get another long preview of what the game will look like, but most importantly will leak a bit of what the story will deal with on this new journey. The last trailer really surprised me, especially since we saw the addition of characters from The World Ends With You. But this, this just blew me away. We get to see alot of the characters that appeared throught the whole journey, finally being able to meld with one another. All the other games (kind of obvious I know) were leading up to Kingdom Hearts III, and Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance is the glue. Althought it has been said that they are in a different dimension (which will probably mean it didn’t “really” happen, but will help open the truth to what happened since Xehanort desided to take over Kingdom Hearts as well why he probably delved into the darkness).

I do wonder though, if they are going to use Passion as the theme for the game as shown in the trailer? I really love the songs used up to now, but it would be nice to have Utada Hikaru create another masterpiece for the series. Although seeing how she is in hiatus I doubt it will happen for this installment. I am sure that she will definitely make one for Kingdom Hearts III which I am sure will be officially anounced pretty soon. I do like the fact that they keep Utada Hikaru as the main singer though, I am sure that SQUARE ENIX and a lot of fans see Kingdom Hearts and Utada Hikaru as a set. So to get another singer would probably not work as great as it has done so far.

Here is the trailer from the SQUARE ENIX page on youtube, enjoy and let me know what you think:

Area no Kishi

I just started watching this anime yesterday, and I just could not stop watching it. For one, I doubt I said this before but my favourite sport is Football (or Soccer here in the US), so seeing an anime about it really gets my attention. I had seen Captain Tsubasa, Whistle!, and a couple of others (although I really did not get into those, probably why I cannot remember their names), which i why I feel that finding another series that deals with one of my favourite passtimes is refreshing. Just like with Captain Tsubasa and Whistle! I really feel like going outside and playing again (man it feels like it was such a long time ago that I touched a ball). I feel that this series is alot more alike to Whistle! (especially since Captain Tsubasa was more about extrordinary techniques  such as my alltime favourite “Tiger Shot” performed by my favourite character Hyuga). Anyway if you have not read or seen the animes of both Captain Tsubas and or Whistle! I suggest you take a look.

Now back to Area no Kishi. The plot seems to revolve around two brothers (Suguru and Kakeru) who are in love with the sport since they were kids. They along with their childhood friend Nana nicknamed Seven (for those who know a bit about Japanese, you will see the connection there) were really good players. Time passed and and because of some incident (read the manga or watch the anime to find out why) Kakeru no longer wanted to be part of the team as a player. Suguru really loathed that his younger brother who had such amazing talents would just let them go to waste because of such petty reasons (Although having felt that ugly feeling of hopelessnes one time I can see what Kakeru might have felt during those moments. Let me tell you it is not pretty, in fact one feels locked and nothing can be done until one figures out why and how to move on). Anyway after a rather sad and horrific event, Kakeru and Suguru became one (read or see the anime to know what I mean by this) and are now forging a path to their dream of winning the World Cup.

I am in episode six, and let me tell you that I am really enjoying my time so far.

Until Next Time,


How to Draw Challenge: The Tenth – Hayate Ayasaki

Requested by: Killer1984able

Ahh, Hayate No Gotoku… Truly a series that has a special place among all the other manga I have read. The drawings can a be abit simplistic at points and the lolita exposure can be a bit unnecessary but aside from that I absolutely enjoy reading the story. The plot, the characters, and overall the comic relief that is portrayed really gives one the ability to forget the past troubles and just enjoy oneself by having a couple of laughs (this sounds a bit cruel since Hayate has to suffer so much, allmost every chapter, which is what makes it hilarious).

I really like Hayate because despite all the hardships (and that is putting it lightly) he somehow manages to go past it and still see a positive outlook through life. Something that I believe we could all learn about really. I mean who here has been sold to the yakuza so they could harvest our organs? I really hope things get better for him in the future, although I feel like the author will pull a fast one and kill him off at anytime he feels comveniant (although Hayate seems to be as indestructible as a gundam…). By the way the girls I feel best suited for him are; Izumi Segawa, Ruka Suirenji, and Sakuya Aizawa. Although I feel that the only person he should be with (even though he is a bit of an idiot who cannot see what is right in front of him) is Hinagiku Katsura. No, not just because she is my favourite character in the series but because she is so dependable and strong enough to actually hold her own if problems arise (which they will if Hayate is involved). Now I feel like drawing the other characters too.

For this video I recommend listening to: “Shichitenhakki Shijou Shugi ”

Hope you enjoy it,


How to Draw Challenge The Ninth – cinamarollCHAN

Requested by: cinamarollCHAN

We are already in the ninth video for my new channel, and I feel really good about how my drawings are coming out (for the most part). Anyway today we are going to be drawing once again a cute girl. She goes by the name of cinamarollCHAN on youtube.

You can see her page here: http://www.youtube.com/user/cinamarollCHAN?email=message_received#p/u

I really enjoyed drawing her. The facial expression, and the lines of the body that are really defined on her body. Playing around with the lighting was really fun.

For this video I recommend listening to: “Megurine Luka 時のオルゴール(Music Box of Time)”

Hope you enjoy it,