How to Draw Challenge: The Fourth – Kairi (real life)

So why Kairi from Kingdom Hearts? Well aside from having an urge to draw her in a while already, some other reasons popped up. As many of you may know already, the next installment of Kingdom Hearts is making it’s appearance this year. And my webpage has been getting quite a couple of hits because of some of my Kairi drawings. So what better excuse to draw her do I have?

To make things interesting I decided to draw her realistically. Sure her cgi form is not too far off but it is still not quite there yet. So to make this possible I have decided to use two references for this project.

This famous scence at the end of Kingdom Hearts II:


This beautiful cosplayer:

For this video I recommend listening to “Kairi I”, “Kairi II” and “Kairi III” from the Kingdom Hearts OST.

Hope you enjoy it,