Rurouni Kenshin Movie

The time has finally arrived. My long awaited movie that I have been longing to see is finally making an appearance. They recently released a teaser trailer for the movie and so far it does not look like it will disappoint. The characters actually look like they should, facial appearances and costumes alike. They have not shown too much of the action but it does not look like it will disappoint. I recently watched 13 assassins and was blown away from the expert use of action, it truly looked realistic and fun to watch. I always felt that most of the Japanese movies sometimes lacked realism because of the use of CGI and such, for that reason I believed that keeping it simple would be best, which 13 assassins did masterfully. I hope that the Rurouni Kenshin does the same as well and proves to everyone that they too can create great movies that can compete with those created in Hollywood.

I truly have high hopes for this movie. Although I am a beaten down by past attempts which truly tarnished my favorite anime’s (Dragonball), I believe that this will be something that will totally erase past atrocities and make a new standard for anime adaptations. Just to make it clear I am not putting down Japanese films at all. Most of the films I have watched thus far have blown me away, but sometimes I do feel like they leave something to be desired for (like when CGI is relied on too much and it really does not fit with the movie, making it look fake). By using simple techniques that work, this movie and any movie for that matter will be amazing.

Here is the most recent trailer, can’t wait for the next full trailer (and the movie of course);


zero9archangel no more…

Today is a rather harsh day for me, I kept getting bad news one after the other. Among the flood of disappointing news, my youtube account zero9archangel has been terminated, and thus all my videos that I have posted not only in my channel but also here in this blog are no more. I put a great effort in making my channel into what it was until this day, but got it destroyed in an instant. Despite my frustration I will continue to break away from these limitations and create something greater through my new channel DARKCLOUDXERO. I have learned a lot through my old channel and hope to bring even more enjoyable things in the future.

Hope you look forward to it.