I AM A CATALYST FOR HOPE! Design a T-Shirt Contest!

So I have decided to start applying to competitions and this one really caught my eye. Not only will there be a price but it’s for a great cause that I truly believe in. If anyone reading this wants to take part in it follow this link: http://catalystfoundation.org/archives/2972

This organization does a lot of things to help stop human trafficking and poverty in Vietnam, if you have the chance please check them out and if possible help them out in what ever way you can. I know this isn’t the usual “just art” stuff but I believe art can be a tool for change and thats something I want to use my abilities for.



Supernatural Anime

I’m a bif fan of Supernatural so I am actually really surprised that I didn’t find out at all about this before. I just saw two episodes and was blown away. I really enjoyed watching it.

Here are some pictures:

I really like the whole anime yet realistic feel they gave it, it appeals to anime fans and all the other Supernatural fans. What do you guys think?

Nan Desu Kan (afterwords)

Here are some Picture that I took when my brother and some friends went to the convention.

One of our first sightings were…

Name those Pokemon.

It was really cool to see all the cosplayers there, although that made us feel a little bit undressed. Next time for sure we’ll cosplay even if it’s just a a box that says Gundam on it.

I saw a weird sight when I was there, I had to take a couple of photos to make sure I was truly seeing the right thing.

Is that, no it can’t be…

here’s a close up

What really caught my attention was a Sakuya Cosplayer from Touhou.

The way she sat there in that pose made her look just like a maid waiting for her master, she looked really cute.

I had a lot of fun on my first anime convention, I’ll definitely do it again next year, except I’m going to try and get more immersed in the athmosphere to enjoy it a lot more. One of the main things I went to see at Nan Desu Kan was the artwork that fans go and sell there, I hope to next year be able to sell my very own. The art was really amazing, I could’nt take any pictures though (it’s prohibited) but trust me, they were amazing.

Nan Desu Kan

I’ve been wanting to go to an anime convention for quite a while now so I decided to do it this year. As far as I know the only one here is called Nan Desu Kan. I really hope it’s fun. I’ll try to take some pictures and have an update to this post.

On another note I found a contest for an art competition dealing with Gears of War. I’ve never played the game but I might as well give it a shot.

Fairy Tail

I just started reading Fairy Tale. I’ve been wanting to do that for a while now, especially since I really liked reading Rave Master. Luckily for me Hiro Mashima hasn’t let me down. The story is interesting, the art is amazing as always and there is plenty of humor and action so it’s really fun to read. I really like the two main characters Natsu and Lucy (especially Lucy for a couple of reasons). So far I have only started reading the first volume, so I will continue to read and give updates from here on out. Not just for Fairy Tale but also about other things that are going on in my life. I feel that it is now time to fully invest my time in this project I’ve started and I hope you guys follow me on this journey.

New Look

I thought that the website was a little bit too dark, so I thought I would change it a bit and add some light into it. Since I really like the checkered design I decided to keep that motif. What do you guys think?

End of my gallery show

Yesterday was the final day that my art would be at the gallery so they had  a party to show it to people and have fun. Sadly I wasnt able to make it, but from what I hear people were really interested to see my art. Today I had to go take it down, so to commemorate my first showing I took some pictures beforehand.

I was also told that a person went to judge the quality of the work that artists had there, and I got a 4.5 out of 5.