Project: “Oblivion”

I’m working on a story that will also help me market myself as a freelance game character designer. This is the main character that I came up with a while ago. I’ll be posting new information regarding this as the time comes.

His name is – Obscurus Nube

Am I doing the right thing?

Sometimes I wonder if what I’m trying to do will really give me what I need. Although my videos are doing a lot better and some people do take to the time to look at this page I wonder if my goals and dreams will come true because of it. I guess I feel like this because I’ve been going at it for some time now and I have yet to get a commision. And yet despite that I also get a lot of comments that truly make my day and remind me why I do such things. When people thank me from deep within I get a sense of enjoyment that I can’t describe. The main reason I feel like this is probably because I truly depend on this to help me with my life, if this doesnt’ go well what will?