Gundam Project Update: Final

Sorry I havent been active lately, I was really busy working on this project since my dateline was this week that I tried to work on it as much as possible until I finally finished it. This is probably the biggest work I have done so far. I drew 18 mobile suits in all, but because I took so much space I had to take a couple of them out. I based it mostly on how out of proportion they were, how out of place and also detail. Although, I felt bad because of all the work I put on them and mostly because some of them hold a place in my heart. Anyway the pictures are below, let me know what you think.

RE: Cloud Strife

What I had to focus on the most was the eyes and the face, as well as the sword which was not proportionate to the whole body. I have to make sure I pay attention to details even if I am trying to go as fast as possible.


It’s been raining for more then one day without stopping where I live. I’ve never seen it happen before, usually it is very dry and hot, so whenever it does rain I feel really happy. It is on days like these that I get inspired to draw. Feeling calm without worrying about much is very enjoyable. Hopefully I’ll get a lot of work done today.

Below is a third try at using the Copic Markers (which I did a few days ago). I’m still very shaky but I learned a lot of cool techniques thanks to this drawing. I felt bad experimenting with this drawing since it’s something I drew when I was a lot younger but if one doesnt take risks than nothing will happen. Tell me what you guys think.

If there is one thing I need to worry about is how dark some lines are, other wise they will ruin the finishing touch (I really shouldnt have drawn in the rain with a pen). Hopefully next time it will come out better. Once I get a feel for what my technique will be like I’ll start looking at other peoples work to learn even more (I specially like the work that Touhou fans do). Until then.

First try at using Copics

About four weeks ago when I finally got my Copic Markers I decided to do a quick sketch to try them out. Below.

I really like the way they meld with each other. I’m clearly still shaky but I will definitely master it. I think this drawing was loosely based on Misaka Mikoto from To Aru Majuutsu no Idex which I was watching at the time.

Gundam Project Update

Here is the full update, I was actually supposed to put this up yesterday but for some reason it only placed one picture. I placed it in different light to show what the effects would be. What I like about it is that as you change the location of the light it moves and reflects off like the sun which is a cool effect. The next part is adding the Gundams, I’ll keep updating this until it’s over.

Project for the gallery

Right now I’m working on the pieces that will be used in my space for the gallery that invited me to showcase my work. Among them are some works that I feel rather pleased of, but I thought that it might be a good idea to place something new as well. So I decided to do one with Gundams. It will be a really big piece. I’ll be posting pictures everyday as I make significant progress.